PST Software

  • PST Software to fix corrupt or damaged PST files which can’t be fixed by using Inbox repair tool provided by Microsoft Outlook
  • PST Software is widely recognized and appreciated by most of the industry professionals as the best Outlook 2007 repair software
  • Provides 24/7 technical assistance to its users in case if they find any difficulty during PST file repair process
  • Simply recover deleted PST emails and all other attributes of Microsoft Outlook
  • PST Software facilitates an advanced real time option to preview the repaired Outlook items through the Outlook style browser

Have your Outlook profile refused to open?

Oops!!! What will you do if your Outlook profile suddenly goes off? You tried to open it again but it refused to open. Not getting any idea of how to undo this crisis? Sometimes while sending an important annual project report through email, Microsoft Outlook may crash. Even you can’t access emails on another computer as Outlook is configured to a single system. And you don’t have enough time to prepare that annual project report once again. Wont you bother in such instances? You will feel good when you find out about a good Outlook PST file repair software. PST Software is one such ultimate utility that fixes PST files and allows you to restore all attributes from Outlook.

There are the numerous scenarios where PST file may get corrupt. Some of the most common circumstances are listed here.

  • Sometimes while migrating from an older version of Outlook to a newer version, if the computer turns off suddenly then it may corrupt the PST file resulting in severe data loss.
  • Most of the Outlook users prefer to compress their Outlook data in order to make optimum use of storage space. Sometimes while compressing the PST file, the chances of PST file corruption is more. In case, if the user doesn’t have a backup of his important Outlook data then the most severe data loss is guaranteed.
  • Sometimes while accessing Outlook profile, due to operating system crash or power fluctuations, if the computer shuts down abruptly, then it exits the Outlook forcefully. At that instant if Outlook is doing any information related task by accessing the PST file, then the probabilities of PST file corruption are pretty more.
  • Microsoft Outlook needs constant access of PST file to execute any information related task. If the user access PST though some remote device, then due to unusual network breaks, Outlook PST file may get some garbage values. Since PST file is a complex database, even a small error can also damage the entire PST file. Each of the aforementioned scenarios of PST file corruption can be easily fixed by use of PST Software. PST Software scans tha corrupted PST file in few seconds and provides a new PST file having all the properties of the old one.

Since Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager, regular usage of Outlook will definitely results to store large amount of important information in it, the loss of which leads in serious data loss crisis. In order to avoid such crisis, it is always recommended to take a regular backup of the PST file. A proper backup of PST file will always stand behind you during the data loss. Moreover, use updated security tools like an antivirus program and firewall to protect your computer from external threats. However, if any sort of corruption happen, then simply make use of PST Software.

Ultimate Features of PST Software

  • PST Software instantly performs  Outlook 2003 PST repair on Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7.
  • Simply restores lost or deleted Outlook attributes including files, folders, notes, calendar items, RSS feeds, appointments, reminders, contacts, meeting requests etc.
  • PST Software restores emails which are deleted from the deleted items folder.
  • It can be used as corrupt PST repair software to fix the corrupted or damaged PST files of any size.
  • PST Software repairs password protected and highly compressed PST files.
  • Simply fixes oversized PST files of any size.

Recent Updates:

Now, corruption to Outlook OST file is not an issues as you have got updated version of PST Software that is empowered with highly advanced repair techniques making it enough proficient to tackle and fix OST file corrupted or damaged because of various unexpected reasons. For more details, you can check out the link given here

Steps to make use of PST Software:

Step 1: Download PST Software and install it on your computer. Then launch the tool to open its main window as shown in figure 1.

PST Software - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Select the corrupt PST file by clicking on "Browse" option and then click on the next option to initiate the PST file repair process as shown in figure 2.

PST Software - Select PST File

Figure 2: Select PST File

Step 3: Finally, you will see the window showing the PST file has been repaired and Outlook items are recovered.

PST Software - Recovered Outlook Items List

Figure 3: Recovered Outlook Items List